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The Reason

By Chyanne Robinson

IG: lilyunginchy

What was the reason?

Yeah, I got the same question

Why my head hangs low

Or how I can’t stand the thought of being different

Welp, there is no change in the way things go

No range of the anger that has yet to explode

Keep asking myself, “Why do you contain this?”

Look ahead, real closely

Every single moment ain’t granted for one’s like me


‘Cause we’re looked at as crude.

Want to keep me in a box

Like I’m a mime of such sort

Going downstairs, though they’re not there

Leaving you clueless as to why I’m not there

Won’t accept these crooked ways

This is me and my rights… can’t even speak… what a shame.

Leave me down

Knee deep into a shoulder

With no sight but the pavement.

You left ‘em there

Kept ‘em swaying

Spit your lies, but there’s a fire beyond them round eyes.

Back again with the reason

To why I hang onto my history?

Is the same reason of these borders;

To keep us contained …“in our lane.”

Feels like Uno, draw the strap, reverse the curse to where you see me then clutch your purse.

Draw 4...skip that speak no facts just cap,

Here I am in this game, but this is one I didn’t sign up to play.

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