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Love Me True

by Chyanne Robinson

IG: chywiththepen

Is it the way these words of power roll off my tongue?

So swift

So sweet

The clothes so popular today

Streetwear you say or Y2K

Please, the aesthetic of this new age.

A glimpse in my direction brightens the iris of the eye…

Chemically bound to make the sun bounce off my skin in the grace of aw.

One may try to drag you down

Dig a hole out of sorrow.

Keep royalty like you in a state of fear of tomorrow.

Young queen, find love within yourself, not in the hand of society.

Young king, don’t be taken astray to please the next up…

“A Somebody”.

Self-love is to nurture yourself like the most precious plant in the garden.

Affirmations as your soil,

Experience for growth,

A blueprint of America…

A masterpiece on display.

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