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GeneratioNext is a newsmagazine geared towards Black youth, ages 14-21, to give them a space to tell their own stores and create their own narratives.


Published in both traditional print format, and as a digital magazine, GeneratioNext gives you the opportunity to join the exciting world of journalism and experience stories that are written by you and for you.

Aspiring broadcast journalists are welcome to participate in our podcasts our vlogs or create your own YouTube video for The GeneratioNext Channel.

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Meet The Team


Dr.  Angela N. Parker

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Welcome! My name Dr. Angela N. Parker and I am the founder and publisher of GeneratioNext. I created this platform  to give you a voice.


Vivian Ebiske

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Hey, guys! My name is Vivian Ebisike and I am going to be a Copy Editor for GeneratioNext. I will be adding multimedia content, particularly about my fellow beautiful Black queens.


Lindsey Sands

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Hi! I'm Lindsey. I love to learn for the sake of knowledge, so my range of hobbies may seem a bit odd. I'm learning to play the soprano and alto recorders and saving up for a tenor and bass. I also love to read and draw, and while creative writing doesn't come naturally to me, I love that, too. 


Chyanne Robinson

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Hi. I'm Chyanne Robinson. I am a 17 year old who wants to pursue poetry and psychiatry when going to college. Writing is something I’ve always loved and I can’t wait to see where I go with it in the future.


Emmanuella Iluebbey

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My name is Emmanuella Iluebbey, but I also go by Emma or Ella. I am a 16 year old Nigerian, but I live in Canada. I started writing about 3 years ago. Funny enough, I didn't know anything about poetry or writing. But one day, whilst feeling very upset, I picked up a pen and paper and the rest, they say, is history! 

I write poems, short stories and articles. However, for this magazine, I will be writing poems and also helping out with the advice column. I hope to use my writing to make life and its issues a tad bit easier for someone out there. Stay tuned and enjoy!


Ashley Igbokwe

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Hi- My name is Ashley Igbokwe.

I am a writer and I like to do podcasts.


Nadia Charles

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Hi- My name is Nadia Charles. I am 17-years-old. I attend Archer School for Girls.  I believe in social justice and in telling stories that make people think and help enact change.

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