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Black Lives Still Matter



The Black Lives Matter movement cemented its place in history in 2021, when it was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. As a young, Black man, this made me feel good, because it means the world is watching. It makes me hopeful that we can come together and find things that can bring us together instead of dividing us.

2020 was a rough year for lot of people because of the murder of Gorge Floyd and other Black People like Breonna Taylor, Dion Johnson and Jeremy Grayson It seems like not a day went by when an unarmed Black person wasn’t being killed by a police officer.

I never get used to hearing the news that a Black man or woman has been killed by someone who is supposed to protect, not hurt us, and it makes me worry about my own safety. I worry that when I go inside a store, or I'm just taking a walk outside, that a cop will walk up on me and accuse me of something. I imagine me telling him or her that, “I didn't do it,” but I’m still told to put my hands behind my back without being given any reason why I am being arrested.

It's a shame how, as Black people, we are treated like we are nothing; like we don’t matter.Ist's not fair that Black parents are scared that their son or daughter might get harassed or killed by a white police officer.

I shouldn’t be a threat just because of the color of my skin. The color of my skin doesn’t mean I am a thug, or a criminal.

I am human. I am not an animal. I am also not your stereotype. Because I’m Black, it doesn’t mean I am poor. Because I’m black, it doesn’t mean that I live on the street. Because I’m Black, doesn’t meant that I can’t afford nice things like clothes, cars and houses. Because I’m Black, doesn’t mean that I am uneducated or incapable of getting a “good” job.

We are all humans. The world is so filled with negative energy. We need justice; it's 2021 and racism still exists.When will it stop? When will justice be served? When will we stop getting judged by the color of our skin?

All lives don't matter, until Black lives matter.

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