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A Young Queen in the Making

By Chyanne Robinson

IG: lilyunginchy

You look at me…

What do you see?

A big poof, slicked back,

Young woman with a dream?

No cap, yeah that’s me.

When I look at me?

I see a tilted crown , but soon it’ll be straightened.

Hair a bit messy,

But the thoughts are straight aiming.

A young girl who is brown,

Skin drowned in cocoa butter,

Melanin glistening as the sun is on my side.

I get it from my roots

But there’s rules that apply...A few words that I took to heart my family never lies.

“Be confident in what you say,

They may take it the wrong way”

“Stay true to who you are,

There’s no reason to be confined”

“You’re beautiful as you are regardless of the racial scars.”

“There are words that can hurt,

But don’t let them put you under”

“A mask won’t be needed the truth ‘ll set you free”

These rules are what make me…

A young queen in the making.

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