Students No Longer Need SAT And ACT Scores for Admissions to UC Schools

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

NNPA Newswire - In May, the University of California’s (UC) Board of Regents voted 23-0 to end the use of the SAT and ACT tests in admissions for all California freshman applicants through 2024. The University plans to try to create a new standardized test to use in time for the fall 2025 admissions, but if they are unable to develop one, the standardized testing requirement for California students will be eliminated.

Standardized tests will continue to be used in awarding scholarships, deciding on course placement and the selection of out-of-state and foreign students for admission. Possible options for nonresident admissions beginning in 2025 include having them take the new test required of California students or continuing to use their scores from the ACT, SAT or other approved standardized test(s).