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By Vivian Ebiske

IG: woahitsvivian

Black man, protect me

Don’t always let me lead

Why must I be on the frontline fighting for you to achieve and dream and even breathe, yet you’re so focused on the superficial things?

Black man, protect me

Let my hair continue to defy gravity

Let my skin be exponentially melanated

Let my excellence soar to the heavens

Don’t use your catapult of words to ground me

Black man, protect me

Stand by me when the world has almost destroyed me with its indignities

Treat my wounds with love and tenderness

Don’t keep salt and sand handy

Black man, protect me

Don’t focus on doing the bare minimum

Don’t disregard my war stories because you think you have “bigger ones”

Don’t get mad at me for my disappointment

I love you, that’s why me holding you accountable is important

Black man, I’m on my knees, protect me

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