From South Central to historically Black Colleges and Universities

By Jordan Adway

Jordan Adway

A lot of people asked me why did I go so far away for school when there are so many great schools here in California and or closer. I thought long and hard about it and then when I looked around at some of my closest friends who all grew up with me in South Los Angeles, I said I wanted others to know about their experiences where they currently attend. Follow me on a Historical College Journey…..

My name is Jordan Adway, I am a Junior at the Illustrious Stillman College located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama., I am majoring in Criminal Justice and my ultimate goal in life is to become a Supreme Court Justice. When first arriving at Stillman I immediately experienced a culture shock, never did I think I would feel out of place, but I did. I have always been a Cali Girl. I travelled on vacation to different states, but never did I stay longer than a week or two.

My freshman year at Stillman opened my eyes to a lot of different aspects of the