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Best Friends From Barefooting

By Sterling of The Sterling Studies


This was quite interesting that I once became friend with someone just for the fact like that I like being barefoot (and still enjoy doing so). So when I was 15, one place I always enjoy going to is the park and I always found it fun to be barefoot at the park especially on the swings. Swinging on the swings barefoot was my favorite thing to do for fun and even. On the last week of summer vacation, since I lived across the street from the park, I left my shoes at my house and walked to the park barefoot. While I was on the swings, one person came up to me and said that they like my footwear.

I stopped swinging while thinking to myself "what footwear...I'm barefoot" then looked at her.

She was a black girl a year younger than me and had a flower in her hair who was new to the area and starting high school new week. I thanked her then told her that I was barefoot and left mine at home then gave her some advice for starting high school in the area. She told me to look down; so I did and realize that she was barefoot as well, but with barefoot sandals on. I complimented her then we greeted each other. She asked me how come I am barefoot at the park. So, I just told her the truth; it's my way to relieve anxiety and depression. She looked at me, sat on the swing next to me, and said that she goes barefoot often for the same reason. We talked and hung out barefoot together at the park until it became sunset.

Next week, the school year began (I'm now a sophomore), and knew most of the people there since I helped them with their homework and gave advice. But guess so I see entering the classroom? The same girl that I met at the park. She saw me as well, said hi to each other and we sat next to each other. From there, we both walked home and since both have to pass the park to head home, we both decided to spend some time barefooting at the park together before heading home. Through her freshman year and my sophomore year of high school, we always went to the park barefoot and even studied there on the weekends. From then, we became best friends ever since and still are to this day.

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